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Present Day


$115.00 CAD
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$115.00 CAD
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FULL OF SUNNY VIBES! Happiness in a box.

TEA - Citron Calm herbal tea by Sloane fine tea merchants. Whole chamomile flowers blended with sweet notes of lemongrass for a smooth-bodied and honeyed linger. 15 individually packaged silk sachets.

JAM - Made from summer's ripest peaches and apricots, this jam tastes like sunshine in a jar. Made in Niagara from Ontario fruit, by Provisions Food Co.

MUG - Classic Pink mug . Small and delicate, with a warm blush hue. 

CANDLE - Custom-made for Present Day by Woodsmoke and Olive, this little gold tin candle, called "Daylight", smells like sandalwood, eucalyptus & sweet orange. 

HAND CREAMA rich cream made with LA BELLE EXCUSE Olive Oil, to help regenerate and protect skin daily against the elements. Smooth and silky, it moisturizes skin leaving it velvety soft.

SOAP - Solstice soap by Mellow. Pink clay is nourishing and hydrating to your skin. Energizing notes of lemongrass and sweet orange essential oils ignite your senses and brighten your thoughts. Perfect for all skin types. 

TREAT - Seville orange slice, hand-dipped in chocolate by Soma Chocolates. Juicy and flavourful. *Currently replaced with a Seville orange slice dipped in dark chocolate from Soma chocolatemaker.

FLOWERS - A mini bundle of dried flowers.

*All of our products are made in small batches and may vary from the examples shown.

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