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Present Day


$74.00 USD


$74.00 USD

PERFECT FOR GATHERING AROUND THE CAMPFIRE. A fun mix of camping essentials for the adventure seeker in your life.

HARMONICA - Get a jazzy tune going around the campfire with this Campfire Harmonica from Gentlemen's Hardware! Sound out some honky tonk or blues notes at the end of a long day's hike! Comes in a portable tin case.

OUTDOORS KIT - The ultimate outdoor companion! This Gentlemen's Hardware Survival Kit has everything you need for a trip into the wilderness. Includes a fire starter tool, 6-in-1 penknife tool, tweezers, 210cm rope, 10 safety pins and wire saw.

SNACK MIX - Nutritious Hearty Tamari mix will leave you feeling happy and satiated after a long hike. Sesame sticks and spicy pretzels mix with almonds and cashews, all lovingly slow-roasted in delicious tamari.

PLAYING CARDS - Premium embossed playing cards in navy blue and gold. A fun activity when you're camping or at the cottage.

Warm wooly socks from Duray to keep you warm on those chilly nights outside. Available in size medium and large.

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