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Present Day


$125.00 USD


$125.00 USD

All the essentials you need to create your favourite cocktails, without the alcohol!

SHAKER - 3 piece stainless steel "cobbler"-style shaker. This durable cocktail shaker will keep your cocktails chilled until served. Simply pour your ingredients and ice into the shaker, and put on the lid. Shake well before removing the cap, and serve through the built-in strainer. 

JIGGER - Measure out your favourite cocktails with ease using this stainless steel Makoto-style jigger. Featuring one and two ounce measures in a sleek design that will look good on any bar cart.

COASTERS - Set of two coasters handcrafted out of luxurious walnut wood.

CHOCOLATE - Decadent 70% Madagascar dark chocolate bar handmade in Toronto by Soul Chocolate.

SYRUP - Honey Sour Syrup from 3/4oz in Montreal. Perfect for a whiskey sour!

CHERRIES - Made with Ontario fruit. Top Shelf’s Maraschino Cherries are all natural, lightly sweetened and intended for cocktails and decadent desserts.

ORANGES - 'Old Fashioned' orange slices in spiced syrup. The perfect garnish for a variety of drinks— but they are particularly excellent in an Old Fashioned!

NUTS - 'Fancy Cocktail Nuts' from Salted Co are just that— an indulgent mix of roasted salted nuts with truffle oil. An elevated drinking snack! 

BITTERS - Give your cocktails some extra "oomph" with DSB Bitters from Dillon's Distillery in Niagara.