Present Day



Present Day



SHORTBREAD - Small batch, pure butter, chocolate or vanilla hand rolled shortbread from Provisions Food Company.

TEA - Red rooibos tisane with natural sweetness of apple, and rose and spicy notes of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. By Sloane Fine Tea Merchants.

BITTERS - Hand-crafted, natural cranberry bitters by Dillons Distillery, to complement cocktails with any spirit base.

CARAMELS - The perfect creamy combination of sweet and salty in a single bite. Locally made in Toronto by Golden Ticket Candy

POPCORN - Deliciously sweet and salty popcorn, freshly popped in Kensington Market by the Toronto Popcorn Company. Naturally gluten-free.

COOKIES - Handmade, spicy ginger cookies. Made with the best quality, organic ingredients without artificial flavours or preservatives by Real Treat.

CHOCOLATE - Milk chocolate bar with morsels of salty pretzel and buttery toffee. Handcrafted by The Chocolate Messenger for Present Day.

CANDLE - Pine and Spice mini candle in gold tin from Aija Candles. With wintery notes of fir clove and orange.

CHOCOLATE - Candy cane, chocolate, peanut, toffee bar by Sweetsmith Candy Co. A delectable treat.

ORANGE CHOCOLATE - Whack and unwrap? Or break delicately, pop into mouth and let sweet orange chocolate melt and mingle with crunchy cacao nibs. From Zimt Chocolates.

DRINKING CHOCOLATE - Vegan drinking chocolate mix sweetened with coconut sugar.  From Zimt Chocolates.

NUTS -  Caramel glazed nuts handmade by Bruce County Nut & Fudge Co. California premium almonds or pecans (depends on what's in stock) with a kick of cinnamon, vanilla and cocoa. good for cocktail nights, tapas or as a desert.

COOKIES - Dark chocolate chunk cookies with smoked pecans. Handmade with organic ingredients by Real Treat.